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Digi Saheli, an initiative launched by the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council, is dedicated to empowering women in both rural and urban areas of India. The primary goal of this initiative is to bridge the gender gap by leveraging technology and providing women with a wide range of services and comprehensive training programs.

At Digi Saheli, we understand that women face unique challenges in entrepreneurship and business. Therefore, we offer access to various resources and tools that can help them overcome these obstacles. Our training programs are designed to equip women with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields.

Through Digi Saheli, we are committed to supporting and uplifting women, as we firmly believe that their empowerment is crucial for the overall development and progress of society. By providing women with the opportunity to overcome barriers and gain confidence, we aim to help them achieve their full potential.

Whether it’s in the rural or urban areas of India, Digi Saheli is dedicated to empowering women from all walks of life. Through our initiative, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where women can thrive and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Digi Saheli is more than just a program; it is a movement that aims to transform the lives of women across India. Join us in our mission to empower women and contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous society.